Announcing The Revised Edition Of The Railroad Man On Kindle Direct

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, I never can leave well enough alone.  I have been working hard and diligently on the soft cover version of my novel The Railroad Man to be released on Create Space.  The date for release has dropped from February 28, to March 15, to March 31, to April 15, to whenever.  I have been continually updating and upgrading the novel as I proof the copy for the soft cover, and this of course translated to the Kindle version.  That version has gone through so many changes since it debuted back in February that I can’t keep track of them.  Needless to say, No one out there now has the latest version, which I have just finished.  The changes are so great in this one that I had no choice but to announce it as a fully revised edition of The Railroad Man on Kindle Direct, differentiating it from all others before.  So if you haven’t bought a copy yet, the one you’ll get is my latest and best work.  If you have bought a copy, for some reason Amazon does not let you download a new copy of novel you have downloaded already.  Sorry.  You guys may have to wait for the soft cover version.  That is going to be coming soon, no later than the end of June, for sure, hopefully a lot earlier.  When it does, I’ll be running a celebratory special on the Kindle, so you can save some money.  Stay tuned.  It’s getting there.

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