The Soft Cover Version Is (Finally) Here!

Well, after 8 proofs and countless revisions, which also led to a completely revised version on the Kindle, The Railroad Man is now finally available as a soft cover book.  It is available on Create Space  (  The new, revised Kindle version is also completely in synch with the soft cover.  So nothing is missing or different between the two.

For some reason, for as many times as I looked over the story on my computer, the errors and awkward sentencing structures and sub-standard scenes never showed up like they did once I started proofing the soft cover.  With printed words on paper in a real book, these deficiencies just exploded in my face.  And with each subsequent revision and its related new proof, more came to the surface.  That was until this last proofing.  I restructured 3 key scenes in the novel, and blasted the last of any grammatical errors out of the story.  And now I am proud to present The Railroad Man in true novel form:  The printed word on real paper pages!  It is a dream come true.  I am psyched.   I hope you will be too.

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