Mike Vincente's life hit rock bottom after a tragic accident led to his being unjustly drummed out from the New Jersey State Police. The only job he could get afterward was as a police officer for the railroad his father had worked for. Bored and depressed, he views himself as nothing more than a boxcar babysitter, and seeks solace in his off duty hours at the bottom of a bottle of bourbon. But on a routine call to roust yet another trespasser out from the rail yard he guards, Laura Paris jumps out of one of those boxcars. Filthy, with her professional-looking clothes disheveled, and missing one shoe, she was still beautiful - and scared. Mike's arrests her, and she starts babbling a story about being kidnapped at her office, computer biometrics, some THING loaded inside of a container coming into the New York area the next morning, and murder. It all sounds crazy, until the yard is attacked by several shadowy figures armed with military-type weapons and Laura is taken, leaving Mike with only a few unusual clues to unravel her mystery. The answers he finds will rip away the veil of security New York City has enjoyed for over two decades and force this gritty railroad man to overcome his anguished past to prevent an epic catastrophe, and save the woman who has now sent him on the runaway ride of his life.

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