The Dirty Baker’s Dozen

Well, if you read my last post, you’ll know about the issues I uncovered while reading through my proof copy of the paperback version of my novel.  For some reason, even though I thoroughly scrutinized my novel before I put it up on Kindle, a whole myriad of defects and mistakes made it through to the version I uploaded to Kindle.  However, once I started to read my novel in on good old fashioned paper pages rather than a computer screen, the problems literally just blasted off those pages!

As such, I’ve spent the past week reading through my paperback proof very, very carefully.  And as I went along, I made changes, and then uploaded the changed manuscript to Kindle.  Then I hit Chapter 9, and found that I had so many problems in that chapter, it almost made me sick!  How did they get through?  I can’t answer that.  Suffice to say, I was just plan embarrassed to have that version of the novel out there.

I stopped the running updates after that and redoubled my efforts to get my novel cleaned up once and for all.  Last night, I finished that task.  The defects became less and less the further along in the novel I got.  By the time a reached the last chapter, the defects were almost non-existent.  And now even those are long gone, replaced by better writing and sequencing.

At 5 AM today, my time (Eastern Standard), the final revamped, CLEAN version of my novel went back live on Kindle.  However, between the release date on February 9 and then, 13 copies of the Kindle were sold.  And while I thank everyone who bought my novel for their support, one of whom gave it a 4 star review despite the deficiencies I’ve just described, I felt it only fair to say to all of you how deeply sorry I am for selling you what I consider to be an inferior product.  So to make this up, I am going to run a special limited time promotion on Kindle where I will offer my novel for free from Midnight on February 28 to 11:59 on March 1.  This way, you can avail yourselves of a new, clean copy without having to fork over your money for a new one.

It should be noted that once I get the paperback version re-proofed and up on Create Space, it will already be cleaned and good to go.  Until next time.


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