I Don’t Like Spam!

Anyone remember that classic Monty Python skit?  Well, it rings true here.  I’ve been hit with spam for a number of weeks.  So my webmaster has initiated a couple of security protocols to cut down on it.  Sorry if this makes things a little bit more difficult to get in here to leave a comment, but it’s a step I had to take.


The Soft Cover Version Is (Finally) Here!

Well, after 8 proofs and countless revisions, which also led to a completely revised version on the Kindle, The Railroad Man is now finally available as a soft cover book.  It is available on Create Space  (  The new, revised Kindle version is also completely in synch with the soft cover.  So nothing is missing or different between the two.

For some reason, for as many times as I looked over the story on my computer, the errors and awkward sentencing structures and sub-standard scenes never showed up like they did once I started proofing the soft cover.  With printed words on paper in a real book, these deficiencies just exploded in my face.  And with each subsequent revision and its related new proof, more came to the surface.  That was until this last proofing.  I restructured 3 key scenes in the novel, and blasted the last of any grammatical errors out of the story.  And now I am proud to present The Railroad Man in true novel form:  The printed word on real paper pages!  It is a dream come true.  I am psyched.   I hope you will be too.

Life Imitating Art (Or, Am I Just Paranoid?)

Those of you who have read my novel, The Railroad Man, know that a 20 foot shipping container plays a very prominent role in the story.  Well. imagine my surprise when this turned up in the driveway of my next door neighbor:


Not the sort of thing that just turns up in a residential neighborhood dozens of miles from the nearest port.  I think it followed me home, pissed that I made one of its “brethren” the heavy in my story.  Or maybe I’m just paranoid?

Seriously, my neighbor was moving back to Turkey and was loading his things in a container to ship back to his home country in.  But it does add pause to the fact that these things can turn up anywhere, and no one will give it any thought until…  Just a thought.  It’s the theme of an ad I put up on Goodreads.  Check it out:

Goodreads Ad 4

Now who’s paranoid?

Announcing The Revised Edition Of The Railroad Man On Kindle Direct

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As you know, I never can leave well enough alone.  I have been working hard and diligently on the soft cover version of my novel The Railroad Man to be released on Create Space.  The date for release has dropped from February 28, to March 15, to March 31, to April 15, to whenever.  I have been continually updating and upgrading the novel as I proof the copy for the soft cover, and this of course translated to the Kindle version.  That version has gone through so many changes since it debuted back in February that I can’t keep track of them.  Needless to say, No one out there now has the latest version, which I have just finished.  The changes are so great in this one that I had no choice but to announce it as a fully revised edition of The Railroad Man on Kindle Direct, differentiating it from all others before.  So if you haven’t bought a copy yet, the one you’ll get is my latest and best work.  If you have bought a copy, for some reason Amazon does not let you download a new copy of novel you have downloaded already.  Sorry.  You guys may have to wait for the soft cover version.  That is going to be coming soon, no later than the end of June, for sure, hopefully a lot earlier.  When it does, I’ll be running a celebratory special on the Kindle, so you can save some money.  Stay tuned.  It’s getting there.