Life Imitating Art (Or, Am I Just Paranoid?)

Those of you who have read my novel, The Railroad Man, know that a 20 foot shipping container plays a very prominent role in the story.  Well. imagine my surprise when this turned up in the driveway of my next door neighbor:


Not the sort of thing that just turns up in a residential neighborhood dozens of miles from the nearest port.  I think it followed me home, pissed that I made one of its “brethren” the heavy in my story.  Or maybe I’m just paranoid?

Seriously, my neighbor was moving back to Turkey and was loading his things in a container to ship back to his home country in.  But it does add pause to the fact that these things can turn up anywhere, and no one will give it any thought until…  Just a thought.  It’s the theme of an ad I put up on Goodreads.  Check it out:

Goodreads Ad 4

Now who’s paranoid?

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