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As many of you know I made several changes to The Railroad Man since it was first published last February.  I take full responsibility for putting a product out there before it was truly ready.  In that time, there were many of you who bought my novel on Kindle.  I thank you for that support.

By the time the novel reached the point it was ready for its soft cover version, it had gone through more changes than I could remember.  The result:  There are numerous editions of the Kindle version out there, each edition with some changes made, others changing them back and still others changing the changes.  There were also a couple of scenes added and rejiggered over that time.  The net result is that many of you early buyers who purchased a Kindle version before June 16 of this year do not have the final version that is available now on Kindle Direct.  And for some reason, Kindle will not allow you to buy a new copy of the novel once you have downloaded it.  So there was no way to deliver those changes to you, and that was a shame.  Until now.

A good friend of mine at my place of work had downloaded my novel early on.  He really liked the story, as did many of those who read the early versions did.  He then said there was a way to get the updates put into the Kindle.  And it was always in there for the Kindle.  In its settings page, simply click the Automatic Updates tag.  According to Kindle, if you opt in for automatic book updates, you will receive new versions of your books when they are confirmed that improvements were made to the file.  So there you have it!  Just opt in for the updates and you will in the blink of an eye have the latest version of my novel in your Kindle for no additional cost.  So everyone who has bought a version of my novel between February 8 and June 16, opt in for the updates to get the latest version.  And should I make any changes in the future, you’ll get them as they are made.  Technology is cool, isn’t it?

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