Kindle Problems

Well after I told you all to update your Kindles, Amazon drops the ball.  After some people tried unsuccessfully to update their copies of The Railroad Man, I contacted Kindle to see what the problem was.  They said the update feature, while on the Kindle, doesn’t work!  However, they “are working to fix the problem as quickly as possible.”  Well that’s a bit too late here.  Kindle then said that if the files on the Kindle were indeed drastically updated, they would post them and then notify the early buyers of my novel that an update for the novel is now available.  This should happen in about 4 weeks.  So, if you downloaded a copy of The Railroad Man before June 16, 2014, look to your Kindles to see if an updated version of the novel is available to replace the copy you have.  If you possess a copy downloaded after June 16, you don’t have to do anything.  You have the final version, equal to the Create Space and Smashwords versions.  Sorry about the confusion.  Until next time.

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