The Map Of The “New” Midland Railroad

Okay, I figured the “new Midland” would be a little hard to envision.  So, I’ve added this map.  The Midland is marked in red, but don’t confuse it with the state borderlines:


It may not be the best map but it was the only one I could find that I could mark the route of the new Midland Railroad on.  You’ll see a line trailing off the westernmost end of the line that appears to end in the middle of nowhere.  That is the Groundhog to Punxsutawney.  For some reason, this map just didn’t show that town on it, so I approximated it’s whereabouts on the map.  This map would be a close approximation to the one I refer to in Chapter 3 of my novel where Mike is show Laura where the line runs.  That is one scene that really blew out, page wise.  But there is a fair amount of interaction here between Mike and Laura, and some of it is humorous, so I believe the new, longer scene here will work well.  Hope this helps you see what I did and why.  If you look at the map, you will see just how small the older Midland would be, ending in Scranton.  It simply could not be a commercially viable railroad, at least not an “old line” road that is not the result of a larger road splitting off a section of itself to create a modern short line or regional railroad.  Until next time.

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